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Frequently Asked Questions

Please take a minute to review our FAQs to help you understand more about us and how we can add value to your business.

Q: Why should I consider Talent Engagement 101 for my HR needs?

A: Accessing our expertise on a project or “as needed” basis allows you to focus on your core competencies and your business without the cost of a full time HR professional on staff. We will work to ensure you are in compliance with legal requirements and develop effective solutions regarding your people issues to facilitate your organization’s success.

Q: What’s the difference between your company and other types of HR services such as temporary agencies or payroll companies?

A: Temporary staffing agencies and payroll companies are specialists in their areas of expertise. Talent Engagement 101 specializes in the transactional and strategic areas of Human Resources, rather than the tactical day-to-day activities. We seek to be a business partner for the people side of business rather than provide a single outcome such as payroll or employee placement.

Q: Is my company too small for your service offerings?

A: Our clients range from small startups to established small to mid-size companies. We assist startups with putting the foundational HR processes and programs in place so that you can bring on an HR professional at the correct time for your growth. Small businesses who do not need a full time HR professional, utilize us on a project basis or we agree to a retainer fee for a specific number of hours of service per month or year.

Q: If I already have an HR staff member, but they need to be off the job for a period of time, can you help us?

A: Yes, in one of two ways. We can either temporarily fill the position with our own staff or locate a suitable temporary with the requisite skills to temporarily fulfill the job responsibilities of your HR professional.