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Org Development 101

Did you know that your organization structure, work environment, and envisioned future plans are ‘make or break’ for the talent you seek to attract and retain?

Employee surveys confirm that talent can only be highly engaged to support your goals when they clearly understand: 1) why your business exists, 2) how your business makes a difference they can be proud of, 3) their role in reaching compelling goals, and 4) what's 'in it' for them to give you their best. We’ll help you discover and articulate these key points so that everyone is in alignment to support you in the most meaningful way possible.

We will help you:
  • • articulate a clear vision, mission statement, and goals
  • • crystallize talent requirements to meet your goals now and in the future
  • • envision the optimum organizational structure to harness the personal best from your talent
  • • develop manpower planning
  • • develop succession planning tools
  • • clarify career progression and ongoing skill development requirments
  • • offer career counseling