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List of Services

Org Development 101

We will assist you in designing the organizational structure that best facilitates your goals.

Selecting Talent 101

We will help you identify the key competencies and best-fit talent to meet your needs.

Total Complensation 101

We will assist you in designing an affordable total rewards program to drive top performance.

Communication 101

We will assist you in developing effective two-way communication strategies.

Training 101

We will help you design and deliver training programs with measureable results to meet your unique needs.

Legal Compliance 101

We will help reduce your employment risk worries!

Why Talent Engagement 101?

Why is it necessary to engage your talent?

Think of your top performer. Wouldn’t you love to be able to duplicate their drive, enthusiasm, and passion for doing the best work possible? Countless employee surveys confirm that a mere 31% are engaged. An amazing 64% report as disengaged, and up to 5% are actively disengaged.

What if you could move the needle far northward for engaged talent? What would it mean to your business to increase efficiency, improve quality, and enjoy happier customers? There is a clear link to talent engagement and your bottom line. Let us help you discover your true potential.

Depending upon your needs, we will bring proposals on a variety of talent programs. Below are a few that commonly arise:
Transactional HR  Strategic HR 
Staffing Planning  Performance Enhancement 
Benefits Planning  Employee Relations/Communications Programs 
Retirement Planning  Compensation/Incentive Programs 
Legal Compliance  Management Development Training 
  Skills and Competency Clarification 
  Recruitment Process Improvement 
  Employee Perception Survey Development