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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower business owners to engage talent to give their best performance in support of the organization’s goals.

Our Goals

  • Listen and learn your business, your goals, and your barriers to success.
  • Devise a strategy to remove barriers that involve talent engagement.
  • Implement and measure improvements for sustainability.

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About Talent Engagement 101

Experience & Breadth

Talent Engagement 101 brings over 30 years of talent engagement experience directed to support your business needs.  Well-networked with a variety of specialized service providers, and well-acquainted with a variety of solutions for your needs, you will gain the advantage of seasoned HR expertise for a fraction of the cost of a full time HR professional on payroll.    Our staff are experienced in a variety of industries and most importantly, we ask good questions and listen well to your unique business needs and concerns.

You know your business. We are here to support your success by helping to align your ‘people’ programs and processes to eliminate any barriers to reaching your goals. Understanding your business thoroughly is paramount to identifying the best solutions relative to your talent. Expect a first session to be centered around understanding you and your business..

If you are seeking improved profitability by enjoying happier customers and increased productivity, it is essential to harness the enthusiastic support of your talent. We can help you find out how your engagement is now and work with you to improve engagement levels with surprisingly simple actions.

Talent Engagement 101 specializes in developing employee relations and two-way communication programs. We have the proven tools to assess and address the level of employee engagement in support of your organization's mission and goals.

Shockingly, according to the Gallup Employee Engagement Poll, an average of only 30% of employees rate themselves as “engaged” at work. Around 65% are “disengaged”, meaning they show up and do what must be done to keep their job but are not giving you their best. The remaining 5% are “actively disengaged,” meaning they are your trouble-makers who keep other from engaging too.

We also offer HR generalist consulting services in the event of:

  • • HR project overload
  • • Temporary HR assignments during leaves of absence or sabbaticals of your in-house HR leaders.
  • • Companies seeking to outsource HR.